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Every time I attend one of Janet’s networking events I create new connections. Other people tell me the same thing, that they leave with new leads for people to do business with. Keep doing what you do, Janet and I will be there. It is always worth the investment.

Jeremy Tracey
World Class Speaking Coach


I had a fabulous time at the event.  As a matter of fact, I normally take several pictures while at events but at this event, I only got one really quick snap shot at my table.  There is a really good explanation for this and that is… it was one of the best events I’ve been to.

I attended my first Canadian Networker meetup event on September 11th, 2013 in Kitchener, ON.  I am very impressed at how well put together and organized the event was.  Janet Benedict was extremely helpful and her hospitality made for a very relaxed atmosphere.  I had the pleasure of making many business connections as well as the chance to meet many fabulous people in person for the first time after being connected on facebook for some time.  I look forward to attending future events.  Thank you Janet!

— Lisa Miller,
Independent Consultant and Team Manager for Passion Parties.


I was skeptical before going to The Canadian Networker event held in Kitchener on September 12th 2012.  But I was launching a new business and I figured I had nothing to lose. Janet is an awesome connector and the speakers were very informative.  But even more importantly I was shocked by the results.  I connected with 4 people at the event who have connected me with more than 21 other people since the event.  I have 2 confirmed sales with many others in the pipeline and my business hasn’t even launched officially. I have also used the services of 2 other people I met that night in Kitchener.

The coolest thing…. I received a speaking invitation from a professor at Seneca College yesterday. This happened because I met someone the night of September 12th, who connected me someone else who connected me with an event I attended yesterday where I met this professor who offered this invitation. The Canadian Networker was the springboard that I needed.  The ultimate  ripple.

Thank you Janet for putting on such an fantastic event and for having an amazing venue for networking.  Whether you are an entrepreneur, business, coach, corporation or trades person I strongly recommend you attend this event and start building some new relationships.

Btw I really appreciate you and all that you do for us entrepreneurs.  You have made a world of difference in my life through the connections I have made at your events.

Thank you!


David Slocombe
The Bald Guy In A Blue House


Another great networking event Janet. Great job to all the organizers! Can’t wait till the next one 🙂

Jessica Wismer


Sarah  Schlote wrote: “So great to attend the TCNW Kitchener Ultimate Networking Event last night to reconnect with some familiar faces and meet new ones! Thanks Janet for outdoing yourself yet again :-)”


Great event tonight, met a lot of new people…and saw some friends from the previous event..great job Janet.

Don French


Louise Drygala wrote: “Great event this evening Janet.  Thanks for supporting our cause, we met some AWESOME people tonight.


Thank you Janet for coordinating such an well organized and great event. It was Mark’s and my first one and we look forward to participating again in the future 🙂

Mark and Dana S. Remax


Thank-you Janet for last night’s opportunity we enjoyed ourselves and met some new and interesting people I would and will recommend this event to all I know.

Lisa Altman, Yucatan


Janet good to see you again last night. The event was absolutely awesome and the networking was phenomenal! Thank you.

Diane Matyas


Amazing event – thank you Janet for being the best connector EVER !!!!!!!

Darlene Huff

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